Watermark Records

Encounter - Neglect/Obey – 7"


Image of Encounter - Neglect/Obey – 7"

The long-awaited second 7" from Encounter, and their first release in nearly 30 years. Recorded after their Summer tour in 1992 and never pressed, this 7" features original, heavier-than-ever beats with crisp melodic riffs, introspective lyrics, and pleading vocals as only Encounter can deliver. Remastered in 2016 to be as loud as humanly possible.

Only 400 available in the first pressing, black & clear vinyl variations. Hand stamped and numbered.

Limited test-pressings will be sent in random orders.

6-page foldout with photos, lyrics, and the highest quality packaging, as you would expect.

Released as Watermark / Redemption Records #108